Privacy & authors rights statements

The data collection on this webpage is a result of the ECITE conference @ Dampfzentrale Bern, Switzerland from the 27 of July to the 4. of August 2001. Please read and accept the following terms of use for the included material (pictures, HTML-pages, logos, addresses etc.) on this webpage :

  1. The organisators of future ECITE conferences may freely use the material on this webpage for documentation or advertising of the ECITE in the future.

  2. If pictures are printed, published, distributed or used in any other way, the people on the pictures have to be asked for permission in advance.

  3. If the pictures are published in any other way than for future ECITE conferences, the authors right holder of the photographical material (Tinu Hettich) has to be asked for permission.

  4. Any photo on this webpage may be freely used by the people on the photo itself (e.g. for flyers, advertising etc.).

  5. The authors rights holder of all the logos and layouts is Peter Aerni. Before use, the rights holder has to be asked for permission.

  6. The use of the includes addresses is restricted to future ECITE events.Please don't use the data for mass email sending which is not related to ECITE.

Thank you for respecting those rules.
Tinu Hettich